The Rathemaker Magician Character Questionnaire


Welcome to the Character Q&A:

Icarus Bell from The Rathemaker Magician


Where are you from? The name of the world I’m from is called Majitha.

Where do you live now? I live at my castle in Majitha on the west side.

How old are you? I know I became conscious about two hundred years ago. I have lived longer than that but the exact details of my creation are not yet known.

What do your parents do? My adopted father was a genius in Majitha who was also an inventor. My adopted mother was a teacher.

How many children do you have? I have one adopted son named Carnegie.

Tell us about your closest friends. My closet friend is Windsor another Rathemaker whom the ‘Rathe’ considers a messenger. He is light hearted, loyal and brave. And when he enters your world he can only hold the form of a crow.

Any secrets you want to share with us? I’m a Magician I can’t reveal my secrets now can I?

Describe one moment that you feared for your life or your way of life? I’m not prone to the same types of emotion as a human being. But it has been noted in me deeply that I don’t like water. I was more aware of the emotion when I believed Meredith to have died.

Is there a love interest we should know about? There has only ever been one and her name is Meredith May.

Anything else you want people out there to know? I’m a magician who also has an artificial heart the size of a large broken peach and metal bones.





It started with an invitation. A rather elegant invitation with a raised, golden, seal introducing Meredith May to the mysterious, enigmatic, magician Icarus Bell. But when she walked through his front door, Meredith entered a world where magic wasn’t only an illusion. Where a man made of gears was tied to her ill father. Where houses imprisoned people and dragons sprang from tattoos. As she traveled between worlds through the glorious gate known as the “Rathe”, fighting rare creatures, and a witch, Meredith held fast to one thing— returning to Manhattan in 1946 to save her father. And if that included completing three dangerous, impossible tasks in private—while dealing with angels and witches in public, and breaking the curse laid upon Icarus Bell—then that’s what she would do. Because though Meredith has no magic of her own, her determination was the only thing that could save her father, Icarus, and three worlds.



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  1. Sue A. says:

    I really wasn’t expecting “an artificial heart” as an answer! Good Q&A!

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